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Checking Vehicles are Safe, Roadworthy, and Worth Your Investment


Truck Pre-Purchase Inspections (Commercial Vehicles Over 4.5 tonne)

$650.00 - $850.00
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Buying a new or used truck?:
Our mission is to inform you if the truck you are buying is safe, raodworthy and worth your investment. You will get a digital report sent by text or email as soon as the inspection is complete.
Inspection Intelligence:
Our detailed inspection report equips you with comprehensive information, enabling you to make an educated decision about your purchase.
Confidence in Every Choice:
It's not just an inspection; it's a commitment to transparency, ensuring you can buy with confidence, skillfully negotiate prices, address repairs options, or confidently choose to walk away.
Personalize Your Inspection:
For more details and a detailed breakdown of each inspection level and option, please refer to the description below. Your satisfaction is our priority, and if you want to discuss other options contact us by phone or email.
1. Select Inspection Level:
Choose the level of inspection you desire from the options provided in the middle section.
2. Identify Options Needed:
Select any additional options required for your inspection, ensuring a complete assessment.
3. Provide Vehicle Details:
Enter key details about your vehicle, including make, model, and any specific information we should know.
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We get it – making a costly purchase, especially when it's a complex machine like a truck, can be quite overwhelming. You want it to be safe, roadworthy and worth you investment. That's where we come in!

Our mission is to empower you with comprehensive information about any used vehicle over 4.5 tons, whether it's a van, rigid, or prime mover. With our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Service, we aim to provide peace of mind and prevent costly surprises. Our expertly trained technicians leverage state-of-the-art tools and technology to meticulously scrutinize every aspect of the vehicle, ensuring you make a well-informed decision with confidence.

What You Get With Every Inspection:

Whichever inspection level suits your needs, rest assured that the inspection will cover all of the following in detail.

  • Document Verification: We verify the authenticity of the vehicle's documents, ensuring a transparent history check including previous accidents or potential liabilities.
  • Safety Checks: We prioritize your safety by assessing all safety features, including airbags, seatbelts, and electronic safety systems.
  • Exterior and Interior Condition: We meticulously inspect the body, paint and seats for any signs of damage, wear, or defects.
  • Mechanical Components: From the engine and transmission to the brakes and suspension, we ensure all mechanical parts are in optimum working condition.
  • Electrical Systems: Our technicians examine the vehicle's lights, warning lights, wipers, and any other necessary electronic components for full functionality.
  • Diagnostic Scans: Our team conducts thorough emission diagnostic scans to identify any hidden issues or potential future concerns.
  • Test Drive: Experience the vehicle’s performance firsthand as we check for any unusual noises, vibrations, or issues during a road test.

What Are The Inspection Service Levels:

Selecting the ideal service level is crucial for a tailored pre-purchase vehicle inspection. Here's a quick guide:

  • Basic Inspection:
    Our basic inspection will give you a good overview of any major faults found on the vehicle with a thorough mechanical and structural check. Our vehicle inspectors, who are qualified engineers, will travel to a location of your choice to conduct a 170+ point check on the vehicle and then a report of their findings will be emailed to you.

Ideal for people looking for an inspection of major areas of the vehicle but do not require a verbal report from the inspector and who are able to check basic items themselves (windows, paintwork, hinges, interior)

  • Comprehensive Inspection:
    Building on the Basic tier, our comprehensive inspection will give you a complete overview of any major faults found on the vehicle through full mechanical and structural checks on the vehicle. Our vehicle inspectors, will conduct a 310+ point check on the vehicle, call you to give you a verbal summary of their findings and then email you a copy of their report.

Ideal for people looking for a full inspection and extended road-test of the vehicle but do not require any diagnostic assessment of the engine.

  • Advanced Inspection:
    Our advanced inspection covers a 310+ point mechanical, a structural check of the vehicle and multiple diagnostics check to identify faults that may be present in the engine or any electrical system fault codes that have been stored in the vehicle. It includes an extended road-test and a full report with vehicle photos. It's designed for those who seek a meticulous and detailed understanding of the vehicle's health. Our vehicle inspector will call you to give you a verbal summary of their findings and then email you a copy of their report.

Ideal for people looking for an in-depth diagnostic, mechanical and structural inspection with detailed photos included in the report.

Compare our inspection service levels in detail here, and ensure you choose the one that aligns perfectly with your inspection needs.

What Are The Extras?

To help you make an informed decision, here is a description of the options available with each inspection service level:

  • Oil Check - Oils are the lifeblood of a vehicle and can release secretes of an engine. Taking an oil sample to be analysed is the only way to ensure no harmful contaminants have entered the system. Fluid samples collected at routine intervals are analysed by our laboratory and within 5 days of receiving a fluid sample, a report is generated which can warn our customer of a wide variety of problems going on inside their equipment. Click on the link to view an example of a failed test result.
  • VidCheck - A video accompanying a pre-purchase vehicle inspection offers a thorough visual and auditory examination, covering the vehicle's exterior, interior, dash start-up procedure, and engine running. This dynamic presentation enhances transparency, allowing potential buyers to assess the vehicle's overall condition, identify any visible damages, and hear the engine's performance. Beyond static images and written reports, the video provides an immersive experience, enabling buyers to make more informed decisions remotely and reducing the likelihood of unexpected issues post-purchase. It serves as a valuable tool for promoting confidence and transparency in the vehicle-buying process.
  • DroneCheck - Choose DroneCheck for an unparalleled perspective! This option provides a captivating video and detailed pictures of the roof and other inaccessible parts of the vehicle, offering a comprehensive view beyond ground level. Ideal for revealing hidden details and ensuring a thorough inspection.

No need to alter your schedule; book the inspection online and we'll take care of the rest. We offer inspections at the seller's location, saving you time and hassle.

Detailed Reporting:
Upon completion, you'll receive a detailed, easy-to-understand report, complete with photographs and recommendations, enabling you to negotiate effectively and buy with confidence.

Why Choose Us:

  • Experienced Technicians: Our inspectors are certified professionals with years of experience in automotive assessments.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees, choose our service for a straightforward and valuable investment in your peace of mind.
  • Customer Support: Have questions? Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way.
  • Australian Owned and Run: We take pride in being a homegrown business, operated out of the beautiful state of South Australia. Supporting us means supporting local communities and businesses.

Book your Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection today and drive away with confidence!