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The top 10 most reliable and least reliable cars for 2024

Posted by Mark Dibdin on 17th Jan 2024

If you're on the hunt for a new or secondhand car in 2024, you definitely want to know which vehicles to avoid and which ones you can trust. Consumer Report asked their 6 million members to give them details about their cars and have detailed reliability info on over 300,000.

With scores out of 100 reliability points, here are the 10 least reliable and 10 most reliable vehicles from 2023, but you better buckle up for a ride as we find out which list the only electric vehicle appears and who has the most to celebrate with the top spot!

Let's dive straight to the bottom of the reliability barrel. Trailing at number 10 is the Jeep Wrangler with 27 and at 9 the Jeep Grand Cherokee with 26, you know, because I bought a jeep (do you remember the "I bought a jeep campaign?).

At 8 We see the first of 2 Volkswagens, starting with the Jetta with 25. Back to Jeep again at number 7 with their Grand Cherokee L, the L having the same number of seats as its position.

Vogue2Voke, CC BY-SA 4.0 via wikimedia commons

At number 6 Nissan brings us the Frontier, the first of three pickup trucks in the least reliable vehicles with 23 points. Which is 1 more point than the second pickup truck and only all electric vehicle on both lists, the Rivian R1T. Despite being the 5th worse vehicle of last year, the owners all report loving their electric pickup.

Volvo brings us number 4 and the first of 3 hybrids with their XC60 PHEV or Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle managing only 21 points before we head down into the teens. Number 3 is the final pick-up and the second Hybrid system belonging to the Ford F-150 Hybrid with 19 points.

Image: Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 via wikimedia commons

Volkswagen is back and in at number 2 with the Taos gaining only 18 points and finally, the car with the least reliability points scoring only 14 was the last of our mixed fuel cars, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid!

Let's get to the good news and a ride you can count on, with the 10 most reliable vehicles for 2024. Even better news for the change in the back pocket, only 2 of the 10 are premium brands and I really hope you like Toyota's because they haven't left much room for anyone else.

Powered by dual fuel, we kick off at number 10 with the Toyota Highlander Hybrid with 75 out of 100 reliability points. Good news for all our accountants, we have the cheapest car on our list, and as well as being number 9 it claims the title of the most sold car in the world. That'll be the Toyota Corolla and it's 50 million brothers and sisters scoring 10 less than the winner with 77 points.

Honda's premium brand, Acura sneaks in at number 8 and gets an 80 with their RDX. Back to Toyota again and 2023's 3rd best-selling car is at number 7 with the RAV4 gaining 80 points.

Kevauto - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 via wikimedia commons

Claiming spot number 6 isn't a Toyota, but Toyota does hold over 20% of their shares. This spot is taken by the Forester and for the moment is still displaying the Subaru badge with 82 points. When rounding to whole numbers this is bound to happen, number 5 also has scores a healthy 82 and it's the most expensive car on our list. Unfortunately, the BMW X5, is the last of our premium manufacturers AND also the last of any other manufacturer. 

Toyota's Plug in Hybrid, the RAV4 Prime, Claims 84 points and position number 4.

Both position 3 and 2 is taken by the Toyota Camry, number 3 is the petrol version giving the old-school fuel a respectable 86 and one of the taxi drivers favorite cars here in Australia, the Camry hybrid with a respectable 87 reliability points.

U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration -, Public Domain

And at number 1, the most reliable car to look for in 2024 started it's life as a modified Toyota Hi-Lux before going on to evolve through 5 generations. The champion of reliability is the Toyota 4Runner. And if you are buying any of these in South Australia, we'll inspected any of these before you hand over your hard earned cash.